Shipping from Dubai to Kenya

Shipping from Dubai to Kenya (Mombasa – Nairobi)

If you wish to transfer your personal belongings from Dubai airport to Mombasa or Nairobi airport, then you are in the right place, or if you wish to ship your car from Jebel Ali Port to Mombasa port, we are the best option for your requirement. If you want to buy goods of all kinds, equipment, electronics and furniture from the UAE and ship them to Kenya via sea freight to the port of Mombasa, we will make it easier for you, through our experience in this field of over many years, Al-Fares Cargo Services provides many integrated services between you and the supplier, such as receiving shipments from any supplier in the UAE and delivering them to the company’s warehouse, to then be loaded and transported to the port of destination, in addition to the inspection of goods and processing and packaging the, to ensure safe arrival. We will also process all necessary documents for export and share a copy of all the papers with the Customs Clearance at the port of arrival, in addition to the bill of lading in order to complete all clearance and customs procedures upon arrival of the shipment.

We regularly and domestically ship all sizes and weights of goods and materials through sea freight to Mombasa port by containers of various types, and at very competitive prices.

Air Cargo from Dubai to Mombasa – Nairobi:

Personal parcels shall mean all matters pertaining to a person for personal or domestic use, and such object cannot be used for any trade purposes. Of course, it is among the terms & conditions of customs to whether treat the shipment as a personal or non-commercial shipment, and when assessed as a personal, customs charges won’t be as high as the commercial shipments. Our services are offered in air freight to both Mombasa airport and Nairobi airport in Kenya, where our delegates are sent to your place of residence wherever you are in the UAE to collect the shipment, weight it, and estimate its geometric weight to calculate the cost of shipping directly, so then our technical team can start repackaging and assembling in way that suits the conditions of air freight and the dimensions allowed by airlines. Our company is characterized by speed and accuracy of work.

Our staff at Al Fares cargo are always at your fingertips and are attentive to your needs 24/7. All customers can follow the status of their shipments and their route directly through the company’s website.

Commercial Air Freight from Dubai to Kenya

Al-Fares cargo offers all the necessities to complete all procedures of commercial air cargo from Dubai to Mombasa and Nairobi Airport in Kenya from the receiving the shipments & purchases and collecting them in one warehouse till delivery with the lowest possible duration and at reasonable prices. On this basis, Al-Faris Cargo Services relies on a variety of logistics and transportation technologies that meet your business needs and requirements, and the importance of our services stems from the fact that it enhances your business efficiency and save time and effort.

On this basis, Al-Fares Cargo Services relies on a variety of logistics and transportation technologies that meets your needs and requirements, and the importance of our services stems from the fact that it enhances your business’ efficiency through saving time and effort.

Sea Freight from Dubai to Mombasa Port:

Al-Fares Cargo is considered as a specialized sea freight company in Dubai, shipping to Africa and to Mombasa port in Kenya, whereas the accuracy and speed in dealing with all shipments is our standard, regardless of size or quantities, as well as providing all means to ensure the flexibility in the shipping process. After contacting us and agreeing on the details, costs and delivery times, one of the company trucks is sent to receive shipments from suppliers in the UAE and transport it to our warehouses for assembly in case your shipments comes from different supplier, as well as processing all export documents and finalizing all bookings with the shipping lines to set the date of departure and arrival to Mombasa port, and then arrange the termination of customs procedures and clearance at the port upon arrival.

Our goal is always to achieve the optimal balance between speed, efficiency in performance and delivering an outstanding service while minimizing costs and shipping expenses in an essential and continuous manner to achieve customer satisfaction.

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