Shipping From Dubai To Hungary

Hungary, “Hungary”, which is bordered by seven European countries, has become a vital route for transporting goods through the heart of Europe, in addition to its growing and booming tourism economy, as it is estimated that more than ten million visitors visit it annually, thanks to its tourist attractions and Multiple economic.

So, if you are looking for a company to ship cars, goods, parcels, or bags from Dubai to Hungary, then you with Al-Fares Shipping Services have reached your goal.

Hungary is one of the important European destinations for Al-Fares Cargo Services, wherever you are in Dubai or Abu Dhabi and the UAE in general, Al Fares International Cargo team carries out all the receiving operations for shipments and packaging of home furniture and other materials and devices with appropriate packaging and packaging materials that suit the transportation process overseas.

With all care and professionalism to ensure you the safety and complete protection of all sent contents, while providing the necessary packing lists for receipt in Hungary.

Budapest, Debrecen, Miskolc … and other cities in Hungary Al Fares provide the shipping service for personal luggage and excess weight in addition to shipping furniture and car shipping through sea freight in a special container or by grouping several shipments in a common container in addition to the air freight service from the Dubai and Abu Dhabi to Budapest Airport for personal belongings, overweight, and various commercial items to ensure rapid arrival.

Shipping from Dubai to Hungary via Al-Fares

Sea freight from Dubai to Hungary

Al Fares Cargo provides sea freight solutions from Jebel Ali Port in Dubai to Budapest via Croatia or Romania, whether it is commercial or personal shipments or even shipping cars from Dubai to Hungary via sea containers of various sizes and via international shipping lines.

Our local agents in Hungary have extensive experience in the customs clearance of shipments and deliver them to you wherever you are in Hungary with care and with providing the necessary instructions.

Airfreight from Dubai to Hungary

Al Fares also provides air freight service from Dubai and Abu Dhabi to Budapest Airport, we have in Al Fares the ability to manage air freight operations from Dubai and the UAE to Hungary and vice versa through major airlines and the ability to deal with all sizes, weights, and types of shipments with care and Great interest and competitive costs.

Shipping service from Hungary to Dubai and the UAE

In shipping from Hungary to Dubai, our services also include organizing and managing the shipping process with the customer in all its steps and finding appropriate solutions and competition, whether via sea or air freight, in a way that ensures that the shipping process from Hungary will run smoothly and flexibly.

Al Fares will follow up on the shipments and receive them in Hungary and deliver them to you wherever you are in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, or any of the UAE cities.

We at Al Fares Cargo Services always strive to expand our services in global shipping by providing comprehensive and integrated services according to customer requirements in shipping from Dubai to Hungary or vice versa, so do not hesitate to inquire and request quotations through our website or via customer service!

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