Car shipping from UAE to Egypt

The United Arab Emirates is the preferred destination for all those who want to buy and ship cars from UAE to Egypt.

Dubai and Sharjah with its global market for cars and appropriate prices, whether for merchants or individuals who want to import cars from the UAE to Egypt, so shipping cars from the UAE to Egypt is considered one of the most important logistical requirements Which customers face, either with the intention of export or with the intention of tourism, and who always seek to choose distinguished and safe car shipping companies that are fully aware of all procedures, permits, and papers required for shipping and customs clearance in Egypt.

The most important documents required to export and ship a car from Dubai and the Emirates to Egypt:

  •  Check the vehicle, dismantle the number plates, and hand them over.
  • Doing export insurance for the car
  •  Make an export certificate from the traffic office RTA and include the name of the Shipping company Al Fares Cargo Service and Clearance/exit port (Ghweifat land border port if it will be by road transport)
  • First owner certificate withe the traffic office stamped
  • Documenting the first owner’s certificate from the UAE Ministry of Foreign and from the Egyptian embassy or consulate.

The most important terms for a car entering Egypt as follows:

  • The owner must have stayed outside Egypt for more than 9 months.
  •  The vehicle was owned and registered in the same model year
  •  The buyer is the first owner of the car.
  •  The certificate of the first owner “for whom it may concern” is extracted from the Traffic Department registered with the vehicle, which includes the date of registration and the car’s data in full and documented from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, then the consulate or the Egyptian embassy.
  • There are no restrictions on owning the car at the first or at the end of the year, and to get a 10% customs discount for the first year, purchase and registration must take be before October 1 of the same model year.
  • Cars that are more than 10 years old, including the same model year, are not acceptable.
  •  The passport that indicates the car owner’s presence during the ownership period.

Car shipping methods from Dubai and the UAE to Egypt:

There are many different options available for car shipping, either for tourism purposes or permanent export, and each option has its own pros and cons, and you can choose the method that best suits your needs.

Whether by road transportation through collective carriers that carry many cars and delivery to the port of Suez for the customs clearance process.

It is also possible by sea freight from Jebel Ali Port in Dubai and delivery cars to most ports in Egypt such as Alexandria, Ain Sukhna, Port Said, Damietta, and although this method takes a relatively long time to complete the shipping process, it is a safe and low-cost method for shipping operations for long distances, and this is actually a better option for most car exporters.

Al Fares Cargo Service, as one of the car shipping companies in Dubai and UAE, has provided all shipping options that suit customers in shipping cars from UAE to Egypt.

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